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Theme park with giant ice cream tree named one of Britain's top attractions

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm has in the space of a few years transformed itself from a struggling dairy farm to a theme park that last year saw more than 821,000 people flock through its gates – propelling it into the top 20 most visited free attractions in the country for the first time, alongside the likes of the Science Museum, Brighton Pier and the Serpentine Gallery. Click here to read
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THEME3 Revolutionise Themed Retail at Merlin’s London Dungeon Tavern

THEME3, the UK based creative design and build company, has taken attraction retail to the next level at Merlin’s London Dungeon Tavern, creating a themed retail area incorporating live entertainment and interactivity that provides a fun finale to the visitor experience. Read the full article over at 
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Take to the air with the Snowman and Snowdog

FROM Thursday, visitors to the cable car will be greeted by The Snowman and The Snowdog, ushering in the Christmas flying experience. The sequel to Raymond Briggs’ enchanting classic Christmas animation, The Snowman, is complemented by a flying experience on London’s cable car. With this year’s extended opening, people of all ages can enjoy a Night Flight on the cable car to admire the bright lights of London. Closing times are 9pm Sunday to Thursday and
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ICF Magic Tree featured image

Visitors lap up Ice Cream Farm – The Grocer article

A breathless press release concerning visitor attraction The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire, which “has welcomed over 125 ,000 visitors to it’s revolutionary new ice cream themed site”. The “free-to-enter” site features “‘Strawberry Falls’ Adventure Golf and ‘Honeycomb Canyon’ sand and water play” plus a “Fudge Farm”. So far, so euphemistic – but it’s easier to get into (and more artistically viable) than Dismaland. And Banksy doesn’t have “a snow
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Jonathan Fell the ice cream farm

The Scoop on The Ice Cream Farm

When milk quotas were introduced in 1986, dairy farmers had a tough choice to make: either buy more quota to continue producing the same amount of milk, or find a way of adding value to the excess milk. Jonathan Fell’s father decided to diversify and came up with the idea of producing a farm-based real dairy ice cream. The Ice Cream Farm was born.
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