Our Process

Setting the theme, building the attraction


Say hello


Get together with T3 to discuss your project; face to face, over an ice cream, a coffee or a ‘running around site’ kind of day.

What are the important things you need to achieve and that you’d like our help with. The who*, the what, the where and sometimes at this stage, the how much.

*not to be confused with the rock band.

Creating the story

Creating the story


T3 turn a verbal or written brief into a variety of visual stimulus to check we’re on the same page and to get your eyeballs excited.

The numbers

The numbers


We agree clearly what you need in terms of concept ideas, visuals, descriptions or preliminary schematics and supply a written quote. We’re happy to quote for a stage approach that fits your business.



Concept Design Pack

Concept Design Pack


T3 turn a verbal or written brief into a variety of visual stimulus to check we’re on the same page and to get your eyeballs excited.

Feedback Time

Feedback time


We love to hear what you think and then we make tweaks to the design if needed.

Once the concepts have been agreed we fill in the gaps and provide all you need to make the idea a reality.

Full Design Pack

Full design pack


From site surveys, finishes, specifications and scopes of work to marketing visuals, storyboards, animated walkthroughs, 3D models, movies or scripts… we tailor it to suit your requirements. We create this pack with our PM’s and technical team involved (and our operational experience heads on) so we’re never throwing your budget out of the window or suggesting a design that’s not practical.




Technical design pack


All the CAD detail, collaborating with our professional friends to ensure detail is captured, agreed, communicated and costed.

PM & Build

PM & Build


No need for blood pressure tablets as our project manager will take the stress out of all of the build phase ensuring projects are delivered on time and in budget.

From providing samples for sign off to compiling all of the relevant paperwork for H&S and site regulations, our PM’s love a bit of paperwork!

We show you

We show you

How does it all work?


We test, test and test again to ensure the original idea is delivered. When we are happy, we work with you and your teams to show you how it works.




Soft opening


We initially open and give it a little test with some guests (time for staff and families to have some fun). We ensure everything works as planned and rectify any issues before the big day.

Grand Opening

Grand opening



Guests enjoy the experience we have all created and the hard work pays off!


Future services


You can’t get rid of us that easily!

We keep in touch and continue to provide upgrades, expansions and seasonal additions so visitors are kept entertained and up to date.