What we do

THEME3 is a design, build and consultancy company for the entertainment industry.

What we do

The services
we offer


Creative design and direction

Our award winning design team has worldwide experience built up over the last 20 years. We pride ourselves on innovation and an ability to produce designs that capture the aesthetics and meet the budget, providing our clients with the best quality useable designs.


Creative direction
Conceptual design
Attraction design
Graphic design and print
Creative storytelling and script writing
Detailed construction drawings



Build and technical

Our scenic and theme build team thrive on the challenges of building the unusual. They are all talented professionals who understand the unique skills required to build themed attractions, which will be visited by millions of visitors each year. Through the use of many different materials and hundreds of hours of research and development we are able to offer our clients a safe and quality product, every time.

Scenic build
Scenic paintwork
Prop build
GRP production
Interactive engineering
Steel work
Furniture build
Tech design and build
Audio visual design and installation
Special effects research and development
Smoke and fire design and installation
Special effects programming for show control
Effects lighting design and install
Signage and way finding


Our project management teams are experts in their field. Project Management is all about great organisation and great communication and this is what we do at THEME3. We are always looking at ways to deliver projects in an efficient manner and at the heart of this is our estimating and cost management which allows us to deliver on budget every time.


We understand that an “idea is a job half done”, which means we work with you to not only deliver quality designs with experienced build qualities but we also advise on the feasibility of the projects. This helps our clients develop strong business plans that meet their objectives.


Project management
Feasibility study
Intellectual property advice
Return on investment analysis
Turnkey services
Footfall analysis

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